High Reach Learning Curriculum

At Pleasant Day Schools we use High Reach Learning Curriculum. The ultimate goal of High Reach Learning is for children to become competent, eager learners. Our high-quality curriculum for children ages birth to five years of age provides many opportunities for active exploration, creating powerful and positive interactions for learning.

High Reach Principles

    The HighReach Learning Curriculum Approach is based upon the following principles:

    • A child’s development is continuous, individual, and begins at birth.
    • The stages of development are unique to each child.
    • Creating multiple connections supports current brain research for how infants and young children learn.
    • Interactions and relationships are at the heart of learning.
    • Families are truly a child’s first teachers and are an integral part of the learning community.
    • Learning experiences are purposeful, interactive, meaningful, relevant, active, and playful.
    • Curriculum is project-focused and is based in play investigation. Play is the avenue for child investigations.
    • The ultimate goal is for children to become ready, able, competent, and eager learners.

What will my child be doing in their classroom with High Reach?

Experiences within the HighReach Learning curriculum cover all areas of learning, including language development, emerging literacy, math, science, creativity and the arts, social skills, physical development, reasoning, problem solving, and more.

How can I help my child?

Research continues to show the importance of family involvement in a child’s success in school. HighReach Learning values the role of the family in making a difference in the lives of young children. Children learn from the people and places all around them. You are truly your child’s first teacher and play an integral part in his or her development. Our curriculum encourages families and teachers to work together, guiding children’s learning in powerful and fun ways.